Friday, December 17, 2010

What the hell do you do with these things?

First off... I'd like to say... YES, this semester is OVER [for now] (even though I got really sucky grades)!

Second off, I'd like to say I'm sorry for not writing more often... sue me (please don't, college students are poor!).

I'm up and it's 8:05 am. I haven't slept yet. I slept too many hours the day before, now I'm zombie-fied. I'm heading into California this coming Monday and I still haven't packed. I'm not stressed. Currently, I'm cleaning house.

Right now, I'm freaking out over fimo polymer clay canes. I purchased them on eBay weeks? Months? Ago... and I still have them. It seems like the more you purchase, the cheaper they got! Who could resist? Instead of one or two, I ended up with not ten, not twenty, but thirty! And I've already lost five of them...

Now my question for today is... what the hell do you do with these things?

Let's see...
Number 1: You can slicely cut them and put them on your nails! Yay! (by the way, I've begun painting my nails exotic beetle green from post-Halloween green nail polish clearances... for .75 whole cents!)
Number 2: You can cut them into various thickness and use them to stick on your phones, laptops, arts and crafts, siblings' faces, poor unsuspecting strangers, and the like.
Number 3: I suppose you could give them away as goodies...? Throw them away?
Number 4: Fill a magical miniature jar up with them! Wear it as a necklace or add it to your playhouse!
Number 5A: Sell them as supplies and offer them at a cheaper discount price if said victim -- er customer -- wants to buy more!
Number 5B: Slice them up and sell them that way... for lazy people.
Number 6: Shove them into someone's eyeballs. Kidding...

Other than that, you can tell, I'm getting desperate on thoughts and ideas... riiiiight?

Screw this. I'll be back later. Internet is so slow it hurts my soul!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I think I come home to random vegetables with faces on them all the time... two months ago, I had a cantaloupe with a face on it, last year I had a watermelon with a face on it. Now squash and zucchini! Made me smile nonetheless!
I went to the zoo this weekend and saw these cool black bears! They were nibbling on apples :)
As I always say... nom nom nom nom!
This poor guy was hot and kept pacing back and forth. I think I'd be pacing back and forth too, not much to do! But he sure was pretty! :)
I think he was absolutely beautiful. I thought someone bleached him out compared to his orange counterpart. Both were boys... you could tell (haha). Isn't he pretty? :)

As always... my favorite freakin' animal of the entire thing! I was busy trying to get a good photograph without this pretty thing eating the camera! Look at those eyelashes! I think... I want one!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've gotta tell you, something I absolutely love is the blue of blueberries. I got a handful of them and have been tinkering with them all week!
Nothing more pretty than the dusky blues of blueberries! These guys were swimming in a little bowl of water :)
More close ups of blueberries! Aren't they yummy looking?!
Yeah, I know, there are a few squishy ones in there! But hey!

Nom nom nom nom!

Other than that, I made Watermelon syrup/jam this weekend! Now THAT is yummy :) sweet, tangy and surprisingly, it tastes like a watermelon! (Do you know how hard it is to explain the taste of a watermelon? Watery and sweet?)

Just wanted to let you guys know I'm still alive :) I didn't forget about you! I'll write more this week! I've got a bunch of things to tell ya! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Absolutely beautiful! I missed writing about it this year, but wheat harvest was beautiful! It was nice and hot and of course, farmers were complaining over too much or too little rain ;) Just the way I like it! This year it seemed like we had perfect rain and perfect sunshine. Last year, we had so much rain, everyone got rained out!
I love the way wheat shines in the sun! Something about wheat just screams KANSAS! I wish I had gotten some sunflower photos before they were killed off!

And here is my smart dog...
He thinks rabbits and rats magically appear when he looks into a pipe. We're the rat/rabbit caller!
Oh my!


Dear Individual Swinging His/Her Arm Out the Window Waving a Crappy Flashlight,

I really do hope you would stop doing that.
First off, my brights were not on. I should know, I turned them off a mile before coming into town. Really, I checked.
Second off, I'm in a truck, you're in a car, for some reason, bigger vehicles always seem like they have brights on.
Third, you look a lot more silly than I do, since you're the one with your arms flailing out the window.


That's about it.

Oh and I've got skulls.
Anyone need skulls?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We had gone driving around and the weather started taking a turn for the worst... but while it was happening, boy was it sure pretty!
This is a little "pond" that just sorta went wild. It's been here the entire three years I've been here, but I haven't figured out if it's a pond or what. It always has wildlife around it, next to a big pile of sand! Surely enough, I've found some of my best rocks from this pile of sand!
More photos - this was a little after the sunset was dying down and the clouds were rolling over. It did dribble a bit, but not much. It did sure howl a lot though and it grumbled and rumbled and there was lightning! Oh and thundered. We can't forget about thunder.
I thought it was really pretty that the tiny native sunflowers were everywhere. Especially them again the blue background.
I couldn't really tinker much with my camera, but this is the best photos I could get that looked best. Blurry and sort of wild, just like the weather that night.
I would like to say the bright yellows and soft and mellow, dark green does look good against the vibrant cobalt blue!Just some more photos of sunflowers. Hopefully you enjoy these :)

And last, but not least, a deer print! They had me following them around wtih my head and eyeballs glued to my camera. :) Aww... the Kansas weather!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yeah, I Forgets...

So I'm getting lazy with posting blogs. I never think there is anything interested to post... so this is from a couple nights ago.
I suppose this is what it feels like to be drunk - I swear I wasn't drinking :) But I thought it made for a neat picture. What I really wanted to take photos of were the little fireflies and the stars in the sky. That always seems to be a lot more complicating than it really should be.
And here I am... I come out of my car and what is this?!
I walk up closer and I'm happy to see this little guy!
Well, I really was just playing with my camera. Never tried those different types of photo-taking styles. I thought the neighbor kids had run off with my toad, but apparently not. What kid doesn't love toads? They're so fat, squishy, easy to catch and cute! I think this is my toad, but I'm not sure. I'm glad he's back... I don't think he's the same little toad, but I'll just pretend he is!