Friday, July 9, 2010


So this is what I woke up to... can you read that? It means the computer wouldn't work. The internet wouldn't work. I was rather irritated...
I decided to put my boa bones together like a puzzle... after 45 minutes...
I came up with these nice strands! On Etsy they shall go!
While putting these things together, I was doing the rain dance...
I know, I'm not Indian -- er Native America - BUT I really was dancing... to a rain song.
"Rain is a Good Thing" by Luke Bryan... and LOW AND BEHOLD,
1/2" of it!
Now before it began raining, I went outside and was greeted... by these delicate little mushrooms! I thought maybe little fairies (I like faeries-spelling better) would use these as umbrellas :)

Aren't they darling?
Other than that, I've been pretty moody. I can help it.
I'm on a two-hundred mile road trip tomorrow (four-hundred miles roundtrip).
Wish me luck! Write again later! :)


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