Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Sleepy

So I have to say, I do miss my pups. I guess I just wanted to post up something about 'em :)


He was named this because he was born twelve-hours ahead of all the others. He was always such a smiley little guy and went to a home with a farmer who takes him everywhere!


This was the boyfriend's favorite. She was really the ugliest puppy out of the litter, but as she grew up, she got a lot more adorable! :) She went to a home with couple friend of ours where she will die at an old age :) They let her run the roost!

Runt Puppy
She was really plain up until I decided to take her under my wings. She was the runt, so rather frightened of most things, but before we found her a home, she blossomed! She became so friendly, loving and personable! I'm so glad she opened up! She went to a wonderful home with an at-home mother and her daughters!
This puppy annoyed me the most (seriously!). Not his fault, but he never did like me and ran of a lot (Ha! He saw me bringing them in for vaccines). Boyfriend thinks she'd be a good farm dog and I think so too. He went to a wonderful home with a little girl whose family has a farm of their own. He'll be chasing bunnies until the day he dies!
(St. Bernard) Tank
Boyfriend didn't like this one, thought he didn't have much of a personality. He was double the size of everyone else, a tank. He was a really good boy though, followed me everywhere he needed to be and was just a good pup. I wish I had found him a better home (he went to a kid unlike the rest who were old folk - I'm a wee bit more weary of younger "kids" but his parents will be overlooking), but he's going to live a nice long life.
Little Bear (Blue)
She was my favorite, but the biggest turd ;) She loved me to death, but the only thing that annoyed me was she'd run off with items. Which may not always turn out well. Anyways, she was my favorite, but did find a good home. My little Etsy model!
(Big) Blue
This was the last guy to go, when in reality, he was suppose to be the first! The farmer who took Grandpa really wanted him, but I was holding him for someone else. No good deed goes unpunished. He turned out to be the best looking pup, but the biggest yowler. He sounded more like a coonhound most nights. He happily found a home with his sister's owner's brother! They'll get to see each other a lot!


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