Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yeah, I Forgets...

So I'm getting lazy with posting blogs. I never think there is anything interested to post... so this is from a couple nights ago.
I suppose this is what it feels like to be drunk - I swear I wasn't drinking :) But I thought it made for a neat picture. What I really wanted to take photos of were the little fireflies and the stars in the sky. That always seems to be a lot more complicating than it really should be.
And here I am... I come out of my car and what is this?!
I walk up closer and I'm happy to see this little guy!
Well, I really was just playing with my camera. Never tried those different types of photo-taking styles. I thought the neighbor kids had run off with my toad, but apparently not. What kid doesn't love toads? They're so fat, squishy, easy to catch and cute! I think this is my toad, but I'm not sure. I'm glad he's back... I don't think he's the same little toad, but I'll just pretend he is!


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