Monday, July 26, 2010


Absolutely beautiful! I missed writing about it this year, but wheat harvest was beautiful! It was nice and hot and of course, farmers were complaining over too much or too little rain ;) Just the way I like it! This year it seemed like we had perfect rain and perfect sunshine. Last year, we had so much rain, everyone got rained out!
I love the way wheat shines in the sun! Something about wheat just screams KANSAS! I wish I had gotten some sunflower photos before they were killed off!

And here is my smart dog...
He thinks rabbits and rats magically appear when he looks into a pipe. We're the rat/rabbit caller!
Oh my!


Dear Individual Swinging His/Her Arm Out the Window Waving a Crappy Flashlight,

I really do hope you would stop doing that.
First off, my brights were not on. I should know, I turned them off a mile before coming into town. Really, I checked.
Second off, I'm in a truck, you're in a car, for some reason, bigger vehicles always seem like they have brights on.
Third, you look a lot more silly than I do, since you're the one with your arms flailing out the window.


That's about it.

Oh and I've got skulls.
Anyone need skulls?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We had gone driving around and the weather started taking a turn for the worst... but while it was happening, boy was it sure pretty!
This is a little "pond" that just sorta went wild. It's been here the entire three years I've been here, but I haven't figured out if it's a pond or what. It always has wildlife around it, next to a big pile of sand! Surely enough, I've found some of my best rocks from this pile of sand!
More photos - this was a little after the sunset was dying down and the clouds were rolling over. It did dribble a bit, but not much. It did sure howl a lot though and it grumbled and rumbled and there was lightning! Oh and thundered. We can't forget about thunder.
I thought it was really pretty that the tiny native sunflowers were everywhere. Especially them again the blue background.
I couldn't really tinker much with my camera, but this is the best photos I could get that looked best. Blurry and sort of wild, just like the weather that night.
I would like to say the bright yellows and soft and mellow, dark green does look good against the vibrant cobalt blue!Just some more photos of sunflowers. Hopefully you enjoy these :)

And last, but not least, a deer print! They had me following them around wtih my head and eyeballs glued to my camera. :) Aww... the Kansas weather!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yeah, I Forgets...

So I'm getting lazy with posting blogs. I never think there is anything interested to post... so this is from a couple nights ago.
I suppose this is what it feels like to be drunk - I swear I wasn't drinking :) But I thought it made for a neat picture. What I really wanted to take photos of were the little fireflies and the stars in the sky. That always seems to be a lot more complicating than it really should be.
And here I am... I come out of my car and what is this?!
I walk up closer and I'm happy to see this little guy!
Well, I really was just playing with my camera. Never tried those different types of photo-taking styles. I thought the neighbor kids had run off with my toad, but apparently not. What kid doesn't love toads? They're so fat, squishy, easy to catch and cute! I think this is my toad, but I'm not sure. I'm glad he's back... I don't think he's the same little toad, but I'll just pretend he is!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Sleepy

So I have to say, I do miss my pups. I guess I just wanted to post up something about 'em :)


He was named this because he was born twelve-hours ahead of all the others. He was always such a smiley little guy and went to a home with a farmer who takes him everywhere!


This was the boyfriend's favorite. She was really the ugliest puppy out of the litter, but as she grew up, she got a lot more adorable! :) She went to a home with couple friend of ours where she will die at an old age :) They let her run the roost!

Runt Puppy
She was really plain up until I decided to take her under my wings. She was the runt, so rather frightened of most things, but before we found her a home, she blossomed! She became so friendly, loving and personable! I'm so glad she opened up! She went to a wonderful home with an at-home mother and her daughters!
This puppy annoyed me the most (seriously!). Not his fault, but he never did like me and ran of a lot (Ha! He saw me bringing them in for vaccines). Boyfriend thinks she'd be a good farm dog and I think so too. He went to a wonderful home with a little girl whose family has a farm of their own. He'll be chasing bunnies until the day he dies!
(St. Bernard) Tank
Boyfriend didn't like this one, thought he didn't have much of a personality. He was double the size of everyone else, a tank. He was a really good boy though, followed me everywhere he needed to be and was just a good pup. I wish I had found him a better home (he went to a kid unlike the rest who were old folk - I'm a wee bit more weary of younger "kids" but his parents will be overlooking), but he's going to live a nice long life.
Little Bear (Blue)
She was my favorite, but the biggest turd ;) She loved me to death, but the only thing that annoyed me was she'd run off with items. Which may not always turn out well. Anyways, she was my favorite, but did find a good home. My little Etsy model!
(Big) Blue
This was the last guy to go, when in reality, he was suppose to be the first! The farmer who took Grandpa really wanted him, but I was holding him for someone else. No good deed goes unpunished. He turned out to be the best looking pup, but the biggest yowler. He sounded more like a coonhound most nights. He happily found a home with his sister's owner's brother! They'll get to see each other a lot!


So this is what I woke up to... can you read that? It means the computer wouldn't work. The internet wouldn't work. I was rather irritated...
I decided to put my boa bones together like a puzzle... after 45 minutes...
I came up with these nice strands! On Etsy they shall go!
While putting these things together, I was doing the rain dance...
I know, I'm not Indian -- er Native America - BUT I really was dancing... to a rain song.
"Rain is a Good Thing" by Luke Bryan... and LOW AND BEHOLD,
1/2" of it!
Now before it began raining, I went outside and was greeted... by these delicate little mushrooms! I thought maybe little fairies (I like faeries-spelling better) would use these as umbrellas :)

Aren't they darling?
Other than that, I've been pretty moody. I can help it.
I'm on a two-hundred mile road trip tomorrow (four-hundred miles roundtrip).
Wish me luck! Write again later! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Late: Cerihart

So I'm fussing around with Etsy - I had sort of a mishap with deer skulls and antlers, but I'm figuring it out. I keep forgetting how hard it is to ship those things. Imagine trying to wander around with racks on your head. I think I'd get stuck.

Other than that, I learned today that you cannot CLOSE the laundry dryer door with your feet. Your poor toe gets jammed and it hurts. It seemed like a good idea at the time... now, my poor toe just hurts. Poor wounded comrade!

I went out today and tried to encourage my wimpy corn plants to grow. Grow Dammit Grow! Grandma has a stone that says that in front of her house. Makes me smile when I see it, because she never says a terrible word... most decades, at least.

I let the birds out, wandered around, made about a million bierocks (German hamburgers that are enclosed). Jalapeno cheese ones! Yum!

I witnessed June Beetle - er - Bug - copulation tonight. I use to love those things when I was a kid; I'd wander around with a bottle and pick them up. Nowadays when I do pick them up, it's to feed to the chickens. They're about the only bugs I don't mind flying into my eyeball...

Now onto my next topic. Now there are some etsians that I am just amazed aren't too successful and it really really REALLY bothers me.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

New blog!

At least, I'm transferring over from the other blog. I thought it was strange, my blog title had something to do with a chicken?!
This appears more appropriate!
Now while there are more vibrant items of Fourth of July type theme on etsy, I really liked this one, because 1. it is vintage 2. it reminds me of something you would see in a small town and 3. well, I just like it! I'm sure there are more reasons, but those are the ones at the moment. It sort of reminds me of a birthday (even though the United States of America is a rather young country in comparison to some) and that it has been a long time since our nation was created.

Other than that, today it rained. It rained a lot. Three whole inches. Our pond has been dwindling away, so we really needed it. It'll finally green up again :)

Like grandmother said today at grace during lunch "Dear Lord, thank you for the rain, which we needed very much, but we did not need that much! Amen." We all had a good chuckle over this. Lunch was barbeque ribs, cheesey potatoes, a vegetable dish with homemade garlicky ranch, tomatoes from the garden, garlic buttered toast and the slaw (which we forgot in the refridgerator). Oh and last but not least, strawberry lover's pie. Which was dropped... and the glass broke. I am glad to say, I was more than willing to eat the entire pie, so no one would choke on glass... it was a big YUM! Despite being dropped! And if dropping it made pies tasted good like that pie, I'm going to start dropping my pies.

Before we left to eat lunch, we went out to the farm and took care of everything and everyone. There was a big fat toad and a snake with two lumps in it in the shed trying to hide from the rain. And later tonight, a lot of frogs on the road. And a poor (baby) micro-skunk running around. You know it's wet when the frogs are running from the water!

It's almost midnight, so I better finish this. I wanted to tell everyone, Happy Fourth of July - Happy Independence Day! Happy Birthday, United States of America! :)

P.S. I hope no one has blown off their hands... or any body parts! :)

Note: I think small towns tend to have bigger fireworks and firecrackers ;) At least, more impressive than the ones seen in LA!